What you Need to Know to Win your Car Accident Deposition

Car accidents can have profound physical, emotional, and financial impacts on individuals involved. When these accidents lead to legal action, plaintiffs and defendants alike often find themselves engaged in a process known as a deposition. Depositions are a crucial component of the pre-trial discovery phase, allowing both parties to gather information and evidence that will […]

What to Expect In Your Initial Consultation with a Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Accidents often result in injuries, car damage, and emotional distress. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s important to seek legal help to protect your rights. During your initial consultation with a car accident attorney, you will get a chance to discuss your case […]

Are Parking Lot Accidents Always 50/50 Fault?

In Texas, the answer to whether parking lot accidents are always 50/50 fault is not a simple yes or no. Depending on the circumstances of each individual case, determining who holds responsibility for a parking lot accident can be either an easy process or a complex one. Parking Lot Accidents are No Different than Roadway […]

How Long After Deposition is Settlement?

Settlement check delivered after a deposition and mediation

Have you been involved in a car accident in Texas, just had your deposition taken, and now you are wondering how long it might take for your case to settle? If so, you’re not alone. The answer isn’t always straightforward as it depends on several factors, such as discovery and mediation attempts by both sides […]

How Much is a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, one of the first things on your mind might be “how much is an injury attorney going to cost me?” Understanding how attorneys charge for their services can help you decide if hiring a lawyer is even worth it. Knowing what kind of value they can offer (and […]